Financial security begins with a conversation. And every conversation begins with the one you have with yourself.  But whether it's between spouses, between a parent and a child, or between an adult and an ageing parent, having honest conversations about how we should be planning for the future are as rare as they are difficult. 

What can you do when you have important decisions to make but are unsure how to proceed? How do you close the gap in your knowledge, skills, motivation, or confidence, and take the next steps? How do you get a fresh perspective on your situation and avoid emotional blind-spots?

At Raimondo & Associates Ltd., we diagnose before recommending treatment.  We do this by facilitating dialogue that helps you clarify your goals and make sense of your current financial status. Once you know where you are and where you want to go, it's easier to determine the right track and whether or not you are on it.  A financial checkup is the foundation for determining which financial prescriptions or strategies make the most sense now, in the context of your current situation.

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We diagnose before prescribing solutions

We diagnose before prescribing solutions


"We most appreciated Rose for her expertise and professionalism, her approachability and sense of humour.  It helped us feel confident with the steps we needed to take next."    -  Tom & Alice R.