Retirement planning is not a one-time event, but rather a process that responds to changing life and financial goals as they evolve over one's lifetime.  At Raimondo & Associates Ltd., we help clients understand and implement appropriate strategies for each stage of life.

Retirement planning starts with saving a portion of your income and investing it for the long term. The process is refined by setting a target for how much income you will need in retirement and calculating the savings you will need to provide it.  Finally, it's about creating strategies for how to draw on your investments to provide a continuous flow of tax-effective income for life – which can be a very long time!  Retirement income planning involves the specific decisions you’ll need to make once you rely on pensions and investments, rather than paid work, to fund your lifestyle.

At Raimondo & Associates Ltd., we help create layered retirement income plans composed of pensions and other income sources, followed by encroachments on investment capital to fill in the gaps. Through the process, we work to address your questions:  Can I afford to retire?  How much income can I expect? Where will the income come from? When should I apply for CPP? Will my investments deliver through good times and bad? Will taxes erode my income? How will tax planning increase cash flow? How do I draw income from my RRSP? LIRA? TFSA? Open accounts?

Retirement is not just about money. It's also about the other valuable and limited resource: time. Not having to work provides you with time to pursue other life goals. As you consider how to transition to the next chapter of your life, Raimondo & Associates Ltd. will integrate discussions of finances and lifestyle to help you  plan a more purposeful, satisfying retirement. 

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Our clients are at the centre of the process

Our clients are at the centre of the process


"Well I thought I knew it all before I went to see Rose but was I ever wrong!  She showed me options I'd never considered but which opened my eyes to better opportunities.  As a result, I was able to make more informed financial decisions." - Tony P.