Retirement planning is not a one-time event but a process of responding to changing financial goals and circumstances.  At Raimondo & Associates Ltd., we help clients understand and implement appropriate strategies for each stage of life.

The retirement planning process involves setting targets for how much income you'll need in retirement, the amount of capital needed to produce that income, and the corresponding level of annual savings required between now and retirement.  Finally, once you're retired, it's about creating strategies to produce tax-effective income for life.  

At Raimondo & Associates Ltd., we create retirement income blueprints in consultation with our clients.  We use pensions and other guaranteed incomes to lay the foundation.  Then we build up from there using invested capital.  We model various tax-effective withdrawal strategies to illustrate the trade-offs inherent in financial decision-making while helping you address questions such as:

  • When will I have enough to retire?

  • How should I direct surplus funds while I'm still working? Debt reduction? RRSP? TFSA? Other?

  • When should I start collecting CPP? OAS? My employer pension?

  • When should I draw from my RRSP? my LIRA? my TFSA? my other accounts?

  • How will tax planning increase my cash flow?

  • How can I reduce taxes to my estate?

Finally, we know that retirement is not just about money. It's also about that other limited resource: time.  As you consider transitioning to this next chapter of life, Raimondo & Associates Ltd. will facilitate conversations related to the spending of both money and time to create a secure, purposeful and satisfying retirement. 

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 Our clients are at the centre of the process

Our clients are at the centre of the process


"Well I thought I knew it all before I went to see Rose but was I ever wrong!  She showed me options I'd never considered but which opened my eyes to better opportunities.  As a result, I was able to make more informed financial decisions." - Tony P.